Statement of Purpose

The Makule Co-Ed Soccer League is a recreational soccer league based on the philosophy of everybody plays, good sportsmanship and fun. Team unity is based on regular attendance; player safety is ensured through safe, non-aggressive play.


Recreational, NOT Competitive!

We are not a competitive league. No one keeps track of who wins and who loses. Nobody gets his or her name in the paper. Most of us can't even remember who wins from week to week! We pass out no trophy, and crown no champion at the end of each season. We play on Sunday simply for the camaraderie, fun and exercise. We all need to be able to walk on Monday. To that end, refs have been instructed to call games closely. Please don't argue with them. Players exhibiting repeated unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave the league. No refunds will be given.



As always, we will strictly enforce a no pay, no play rule. Money must accompany sign-up sheets for players to be placed on teams. Those signing up after the deadline may be placed on a waiting list and, if so, will be added as soon as possible. Registration and $60 fee must be submitted by the Tuesday before the new season starts. Please use sign-up sheet attached. BUT, WE MAY OR MAY NOT ADD PLAYERS AFTER THE SEASON BEGINS. IF WE DO ADD PLAYERS, THERE WILL BE A LATE REGISTRATION FEE OF $70. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS! IF YOU WANT TO BE ASSURED OF BEING PLACED ON A TEAM, SIGN UP NOW! NO ONE WILL BE PLACED ON A TEAM UNTIL THEY HAVE COMPLETED A REGISTRATION FORM AND PAID THEIR FEE.

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