The Fall 2017 season
starting on Sunday, August 20, 2017

All new players in the Makule Soccer League must also fill out a "US Club Soccer Registration Form" and include a photocopy of either a Driver's License, Birth Certificate or Passport, which shows the applicant's date of birth. This is a one time requirement and not needed for registration in successive seasons with the League.

Registration forms need to be submitted by
5 PM Tuesday, August 2, 2017 .

Please mail to:
Makule Soccer League
PO Box 10297
Hilo, HI  96721

Checks or Money Order payable to Makule Soccer League for the amount of $60. 

Registration fee of $60.00 per player must accompany your application.

A late registration fee of $20 will be added in addition to the regular registration fee
for applications submitted after the registration deadline.

For Registration information contact

Registration Form
Acrobat (.pdf) document ready for printing.

US Club Soccer form
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